About Me

Hello! My name's Renee. SoCal native, currently based in Washington county, Utah looking to create some magic with you :) My favorite food is Thai food and my one and only hobby is photography & editing! How cool is it to be doing what I love for a living? Not to forget my actual favorite job! Being a mama to the cutest boy. My goal is to capture the raw, authentic parts of you, your family, or whoever you may bring along. I want you to feel the connection in the photos as if I'm not even there. Capturing those emotional, raw, time-less moments.

If you're looking for overly edited, perfectly smoothed out skin, I am not your photographer. While yes, I will edit out some noticeable blemishes, I always want to capture you exactly as you are. Stretch marks on your beautiful, God-made skin, and sweet booger-y baby noses. My goal is to document your story while also giving you prompts. Lets do a lazy Sunday morning breakfast, or a date in a library. Lets go to Zion and hike the canyons. The options are limitless. When you book with me, I will help you with what to wear, so no worries about that. I can't wait to meet you and capture some moments in time with you. 💛